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Providing Everything You Need


Peroxy HDOX

  • Simplify your cleaning program

  • Clean and disinfect with same product

  • EPA approved for COVID-19 along with many other viral pathogens.

  • Hospital Grade Disinfectant

  • One Product for 99% of your Facility Cleaning


  • Calcium and Hard Water fighter

  • Rust Stain Removal

  • Copper Stain Removal

  • Calcium Buildup Removal

  • Tarnish Removal

  • Grout Cleaner

  • Tile Cleaner

  • Toilet Bowl Cleaner

  • And More!

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Dispenser bottles low.png

Dispensers and Bottles

  • We offer the next generation dispensers

  • Multiple color bottles to correspond with the products

  • Custom tailored application systems

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